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Women's Center Classes
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Prepared Childbirth Class (2 Day Series)

  This class is designed to prepare mothers and their support person for the experience of labor and delivery. The topics include breathing, relaxation, and support techniques; the labor and delivery process, cesarean birth, anesthesia, and pediatrician selection.

Infant Safety & CPR Class

  This Course will cover the most important safety issue related to infants, children, and families. Topics covered include baby proofing, water safety, choking and poisoning. The American Heart Association Guidelines for infant CPR are taught along with hands on practice with infant manikins. The CPR portion of this course follows American Heart Association guidlines; however this will not certify you in CPR.

Breastfeeding Class
  Both parents are encouraged to attend this class to understand the breastfeeding process. Taught by a certified lactation consultant, this class will help prepare you for initiating breastfeeding in the hospital, monitoring breastfeeding effectiveness at home, planning for pumping, milk storage and working while breastfeeding.
Baby Care Class

This class is designed to help first time parents to have realistic expectations and learn the basics of caring for a newborn. Topics covered include: diapering, bating, soothing and caring for your new baby; with additional information on growth, development and parenting.


Sibling Class

  This class is designed to help children between the ages of 3 and 5 years celebrate becoming a big brother or big sister. They will become familiar with where they will be visiting mom and the new baby by taking a tour of the women's center. We will make a craft in class and watch a video about becoming a Super Sibling.

Safe Sitter Class

  Safe sitter is the only national, nonprofit organization exclusively devoted to babysitting. Baylor Frisco's Safe Sitter instructors prepare 11-13 year old baby sitters to nurture and care for young children, and to handle potential crises that may occur while babysitting. Topics range from how to safely obtain babysitting jobs to managing a child who is choking. This is a fun, interactive and necessary class for your new babysitters.

Car Seat Class

  Car seat technicians teach all aspects of safety related to car seats for infants and children. In this interactive class you'll receive instructions on securing the infant as well as features of the infant seat brought to class. Class instruction will be followed by the proper installation of the car seat. The mother-to-be must have someone with her to install the car seat. Our National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) certified technicians will check the installation for accuracy and help you make any necessary corrections. Car Seat class provides two hours of instruction to help you make the best choices related to car seat safety as your child grows. Upon completion of the class you will feel comfortable taking your baby home from the hospital safely.

Car Seat Checks

  Car seat checks provide an opportunity to have your car seat checked by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Technicians. You will be given an appointment time and should arrive with your seat already installed. Car seat checks are held in the in our parking garage, SW corner of parking lot. Once checked the technicians will have you make any necessary changes to the installation of the seat. Upon completion of the check you will feel comfortable taking your baby home from the hospital safely.

Grandparent Class

  This class covers many areas for new grandparents including identification and developing your own grandparent style along with the many important roles taken on as a grandparent. The class will teach you how you can best support your child in developing their own parenting styles. The second class of the series will cover infant CPR, safety and child proofing.

The CPR portion of this course follows American Heart Association guidelines; however this will not certify you in CPR