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Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Instructions for MRI (MAGNETIC Resonance Imaging)
Patient is to arrive 30minutes prior to appointment to register.


In general, a MRI scan cannot be done if you have implanted electronic devices (e.g. cardiac pacemaker, spinal cord stimulator).

Let the MRI technologist know if you have any metal implants, stents, aneurysm clips, any metal from a foreign object, prosthetic devices, bullets or BB�s in your body at present.


If you�ve gotten a tattoo or had tattooed eye liner done in the past two weeks, your MRI scan will need to be rescheduled. There are often metal flakes in the ink that is used.


MRI is not recommended for pregnant women during the first trimester.

If being in a small, enclosed area makes you anxious, please talk to you physician. An oral sedative may be prescribed by your ordering doctor. Please take medications one hour prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you have taken a sedative, you will need someone to drive you home.


If there are further questions or concerns, you can speak directly to the MRI Technologist by calling 214-407-5044 between the hours of 7am-11pm, Monday � Friday.


Patient Prep:

Wear comfortable clothes that have no metal buttons, zippers, or snaps, or otherwise you will need to change into a pair of scrubs or gown.


Weight limit 400 pounds � depending on exam  ordered


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